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The most rigorous and accurate benchmarks for media planning and strategy in the world.

It is vital ad investment works harder in the media mix to obtain optimal reach and effectiveness. This is why, at WARC, we have been working hard to reinvent the way media strategists and planners use data to inform their decision making. 
We have collaborated with Nielsen to create a new, industry-standard measure of net advertising investment data across 19 product categories in 23 markets, so that you can benchmark your media strategy and investment by category, channel and country.

Find out how your media mix compares to best-in-class in your category by downloading our new global ad trends report.

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Where to spend the media budget in the current environment is one of the most common questions asked of WARC. 'Plan for Reach' shares research, advice and case studies to consider for an effective media mix.

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Hear from James McDonald, Managing Editor for WARC Data on why brands' dollars need to work harder in the media mix.

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Media Owner Profile: Facebook

WARC Data collates the key information you need on media owners directly from their financial reports. This Facebook profile gives you a quick look at ad revenue, user growth and penetration figures, saving you time. 

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Our purpose is to save the world from ineffective marketing by putting evidence and insight at the heart of every marketing decision.

Our clients include the world’s leading brands, advertising and media agencies, media owners, research companies and universities. They rely on us for rigorous, unbiased insights and advice on any marketing issue, which we deliver via best practice guides, case studies, research papers and advertising trend data, as well as via webinars, events and advisory services.