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The New WARC Data

Are you confident in your insights? 

Is your data's source reliable?

In a world of fake news and untrustworthy data, it's crucial that the insights you share with your colleagues, boss or clients is backed up by unbiased, quality data.

In the coming months WARC Data, our dedicated product to help you plan advertising and media investment, is being improved to give you a more complete picture of the media landscape.

These updates include:
  • Harmonising Nielson data with our figures. Giving you access to 25 markets by spend by major product category, and by medium. Plus a forecast for 2020.
  • Updating our advertising spend, costs and consumption in 96 markets (up from 12 markets).
  • A new homepage to share quick-look insights, where you can save your favourite data points for as and when you need them.

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Coming in September 2019

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